Author Topic: Polish subtitles that match Polish dubbings  (Read 771 times)


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Hi all, sorry I'm not writing in Polish but if I tried you probably wouldn't understand me. ;) I downloaded some Polish subtitles from of English-langauge movies so that I can watch Polish dubbings together with Polish subtitles, but they don't match. The texts of the subtitles doesn't use the same words as the dubbings. And I can't find any subtitles at all for Polish movies. I also searched for a Polish version of something like (Internet Movie Script Database) to follow along with the screenplays for Polish movies, but again nothing showed up.

Do you know of a source for either Polish subtitles that match their Polish dubbings, or Polish subtitles for Polish films? If I buy the Polish verions of DVDs for English-language flims, will they include Polish subtitles? Thanks for your time.

Kapitan Zbik

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Polish subtitles that match Polish dubbings
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I know you can find some Polish subtitles on OpenSubtitles website...