Author Topic: Inscription on back of family photograph  (Read 167 times)


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There is an inscription on the back of this photograph:

I think I get most of what it's saying, but there's one word that is for sure a mystery to me.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Kochanemu = “to (my) beloved (or dear)”
The next word, beginning with W, is probably the name of the person the picture is given to
na = “on”
not sure of next word
od = “from”
nieznośny = in this case, probably means “obnoxious” (literally “unbearable”)
Krysi = probably the name of the girl in the picture
So perhaps, “To my beloved W… , on ??? from obnoxious Krysi”


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Inscription on back of family photograph
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kochanemu wujostwu na pamiątkę od nieznośnej Krysi

To beloved uncle and his wife as a souvenir from pesky Krysia [nickname from Krystyna]

Word 'wujostwo' is bit old fashion expression and it doesn't have direct translation into English. Wujek means uncle, in a sense of 'brother of the mother' (brother of the father used to be called stryjek).
Wujostwo means uncle + his wife as a couple. The same way there is stryjostwo.